About Me

I’m a SaaS product development leader with deep experience in engineering, product management, data science, UX, and agile project management able to achieve amazing results for B2B / B2B2C / B2C products.

For over two decades, my career has weaved amongst the various disciplines that bring products to life. While my formal education is in user experience, my roles have predominantly been in product management and engineering. My entrepreneurial spirit led me to found an interactive agency early on in my career, where I helped numerous small businesses get off the ground. I went on to work at both small startups and some of the biggest and well-known software companies in the world (Oracle, Apple). I utilize my roots in consulting as well as real-world experience in companies of all sizes to advise startups on product development topics.

A sound, validated product strategy is the foundation upon which success is built. However, even the best ideas come to nothing without an efficient engine to execute on them. Without a relentless focus on what matters, the undirected efforts of even the most talented individuals and teams produce mediocre results. When coupled with an effective sales and marketing strategy, success lies at the intersection of excellence between all these disciplines.

Transparency and adequate communication are key in building alignment between leaders at the executive level. I consider this my superpower. My breadth of knowledge in product management, engineering, and UX allow me to ask probing questions and identify and resolve friction between product development teams through better process. My experience as both an individual contributor and manager in all these disciplines grants me the empathy and credibility to effectively deliver high impact returns as a cross-functional leader.

I live in Austin, TX, with my wife, two kids, two dogs, and two cats. When I’m not managing software projects or developing my own interactive products for pleasure, I am usually drumming, biking, or going on hikes with my family. I am an avid traveler and have set a stretch goal of visiting all of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in my lifetime.