Crack open my shameful head
I am nothing to deserve
To dine among the dead
Let my pride do me in
Lest I forget
Where did it all begin?

Cut me and I’ll melt like ice
Steer me away, my Savior
From my malicious vice
From the chains set me free
Don’t let it be
The only end in me.

Potter, I am the clay
Mold me, my Jesus, mold me
Mold me every day
Father, cleanse all within
I wait, oh Lord
For heaven to begin.

I want to lose myself
Inside of You
I want to move the mountains with love
I want to lose control
And give it all away
I want to walk on water with You
I want You
I need You
I give You my love:
All I have to give.

Smooth out the edges
Of my jagged soul
You alone, oh God
Make me whole.

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