Tag: Love

Candy-Coated Apathy

Don’t you show meAll your fake shining teethDon’t give me a reason to believeThat you would ever care about me. Don’t you wear thatSunshine mask anymoreWe both know that you dream devil dreamsUnder the angel face that you wear. You think pityIs such a noble thingYou kill me with every single wordDon’t lie to me … Read more »


Cold as a glacier macho slideBoutiques you’ve never triedSweating travel strainThings I did for you in vainDo you try to be so mean?Lacking some blue caffeineI’ll go away and let you restWhatever suits you best. Hot as a supernova screamDreaming a vacant dreamSunburn aftershaveTylenol and coffee craveEmpty as a donut holeSadist like rock and rollPathways … Read more »

A Personal Renaissance

It’s crazy how life chokes out one’s artistic and intellectual pursuits. Secondary school was my first golden age of expression, a time when my emotions and intellectual curiosity bubbled over and found their outlet in sappy love poetry and prose about God and our place in this world. Like most protagonists in coming of age … Read more »