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I Am the In Between

I have historically not been a very political person. I have always been (and still am) absolutely disgusted with politicians and the media’s coverage of them. Until recently, my strategy had been for the most part just to ignore the rants of advocates and rhetoric of orators. Sure, I had opinions about the role of … Read more »

Look Out, Stay Awake Man, It’s the Bedtime Bandit!

If I were to claim a super power, it would be my ability to stay awake over long periods. Here’s how last week went for me: SundayWoke up around noon. Worked all day and on into the night on an app for a client. Did I say “into the night”? I meant “through the night,” meaning … Read more »

A Personal Renaissance

It’s crazy how life chokes out one’s artistic and intellectual pursuits. Secondary school was my first golden age of expression, a time when my emotions and intellectual curiosity bubbled over and found their outlet in sappy love poetry and prose about God and our place in this world. Like most protagonists in coming of age … Read more »