Look Out, Stay Awake Man, It’s the Bedtime Bandit!

If I were to claim a super power, it would be my ability to stay awake over long periods. Here’s how last week went for me:

Woke up around noon. Worked all day and on into the night on an app for a client. Did I say “into the night”? I meant “through the night,” meaning I did not sleep on Sunday night.

I kept on working until 3pm Monday, when I had to get ready for a 4pm meeting with a prospective client. Went to the meeting. As crazy as it sounds, I think I do better with nerves when I’m tired. It takes the edge off and makes me care about everything just a little bit less. Best Buy finally had Kyla’s iPhone, so after the meeting, I went to Starbucks to wait for her to get out of class (around 7pm). I may have fallen asleep sitting up in my chair in front of my computer at Starbucks a few times. We went and got Kyla’s iPhone and did a couple other errands. I fell asleep watching TV pretty quickly. I got about 8 hours of sleep.

Woke up earlier than usual to try to get to school and get caught up on a project. I got caught in rush hour traffic, then spent an hour at school just getting a parking spot. So the usual hour and fifteen minute commute turned into two and a half hours. Went to my first two classes, then started working on my project at 5pm. On normal weeks I would head back to Austin and coach my Upward Soccer youth team at 6:30pm. Luckily, it was raining that day so practice was canceled. I worked from 5pm through the night until 6am (that’s 13 hours straight). I did not take any breaks longer than 15 minutes. No dinner, just vending machine morsels.

Walked out of school at 6am to find that I had been ticketed for parking overnight. Drove back home in rush hour traffic. It took me a full 2 hours. Took a 2 hour power nap. Well, more like I took a bath, fell asleep in the tub, woke up, staggered to the bed, fell asleep on the bed. Woke up at 10am. Worked the rest of the day because I had to get stuff done for two meetings later that day (one in person and one by phone). I had to stay up late working on a paper for school that was due the following day. Finally fell asleep around 3am. I got around 6 hours of sleep that night.

Woke up around 9am not feeling well (surprise!). I had a sore throat, headache, and general clamminess. Drove to school. Presented my project in my first class. Turned in my paper in my second class. I usually have a third class from 7 to 10pm, but I was too sick this time. I got home around 7pm. Passed out at some point and got a good 8 hours of sleep.

Woke up early and started working again. Illness had taken a firm hold by this time. I had yet another phone meeting set for 4pm, and I needed to make a lot of progress before then. Worked my arse off. Had a relatively relaxing Friday evening (which for me means watching TV while casually working). Stayed up late yet again messing with a school project. I got maybe 6 hours of sleep.

Woke up at 9am. Picture day for my Upward Soccer youth team. Headed down to church, took pictures with my team, then coached their game. I was chugging DayQuil like water. I had a coed soccer game later that day at 4pm near the church. Kyla’s mom’s house was also close by and its inhabitants were out of town, so I hung out there for a few hours. Watched an EPL game. Too tired and sick to be productive. I ended up just being a spectator for my coed soccer game since I was really not feeling well. Had dinner with the team, back home by around 8pm. Worked late again.

Luckily this week has not been nearly as bad. I’m still sick, though!

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